Takumi Kato

加藤拓三 / かとうたくみ

About Takumi

Born in 1981 in Ena City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, Takumi Kato grew up practicing the violin. In 2004, he trained for two years with Kodo, a Japanese drum performing arts group based in Sado City, Niigata Prefecture.

In 2008, Takumi won the grand prize in the Big Japanese drum category of the 7th Tokyo International Wadaiko Competition. He then established a studio in his hometown called the “Forest of NUKUMORI”.

In 2009, Takumi performed a series of concerts “connecting the bonds between people, families, & the local community”. To accomplish this, Takumi went door to door in Ena City, performing for 1068 families in one year.

Takumi performed at the dedication festival celebrating the 1900th anniversary of the founding of Atsuta Jingu Shrine in Nagoya. In 2010, he was appointed an ambassador for Ena City. He then performed with Ryoji of the Japanese group “Ketsumeishi” & the Thai DJ BUDDAH in Thailand.

In 2012, Takumi performed the dedication at Ise Jingu Shrine for the “Shinon Appreciation & Japan Taiko Festival”. He was appointed a goodwill ambassador of the Los Angeles-Gifu, Japan Association.

He was asked to compose, choreograph, & produce the Japanese drum performance at the opening ceremony of the 67th National Games where he had the honor to perform in front of their Majesties, the Emperor & Empress of Japan. In 2014, together with JKT48 & in front of 210,000 fans, Takumi performed at the “ENNICHISAI 2014 Jakarta”. Takumi then performed in Cuba at the request of the Japanese Minister of State at the “400th Anniversary of Cuban Friendship”. In 2015 at the “7th Pacific Islands Summit (PALM7), Takumi performed at a dinner held by then Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe & his wife. He then held a welcome performance for the leaders of the 16 national leaders attending the summit. Takumi then performed at the “Milan Expo” in front of the Duomo (Florence Cathedral), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He also performed at the “39th National Tree-Raising Festival” for His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince. In 2016, Takumi received the Gifu Prefecture Arts & Culture Encouragement Award. Following a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Takumi performed with Sachiko Kobayashi at the “International Cultural Projects” in Taiwan. Takumi was then honored to perform for the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia at the Prime Minister of Japan’s Official Residence. In 2017, Takumi was named Honorary Director of the Tokiwazu Kabuki Theatre in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture. In 2019, Takumi’s performance was filmed for a documentary by the Japan Sumo Association the was exhibited at the Venice Film Festival. Takumi had a support performance for the Taiga TV drama “Kirin Comes”. In 2020, Takumi was appointed as an ambassador to the 76th National Spots Festival. In 2021, Takumi was honored to be a Torch runner for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics & to compose music for the opening ceremony of the “33rd All Japan Health & Welfare Festival”. Supplement: In 2008, I received the top prize in the big Japanese drum category at the 7th Tokyo International Wadaiko Competition, which is among the world’s most prestigious. Since then, I’ve had the honor to perform for their Majesties the former Emperor & Empress of Japan & the opening of the 67th Japanese National Games. I’ve had the honor of of performing three times for His Royal Highness, the former Crown Prince & current Emperor of Japan at the 67th National Games, the National Tree Raising Festival, & the Agriculture Leaders Summit. I’ve been honored to perform for the leaders of 16 nations at the Pacific Islands Summit & at the Prime Minister’s Official Residence. In addition to performing the dedication ceremonies at Ise Jingu Shrine & Atsuta Jingu Shrine, I have performed with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Saori Yuki, Sachiko Kobayashi, Ketsumeishi & many others.







「第7回東京国際和太鼓コンテスト 大太鼓部門」最優秀賞・受賞。




「 熱田神宮千九百年祭」。奉納奉祝祭にて演奏。



日本「ケツメイシ」のRyoji・、タイ「Thai DJAY BUDDAH」と共演。




「アメリカ ロサンゼルス岐阜県人会」親善大使に任命。



「ENNICHISAI 2014ジャカルタ公演」(観客動員21万人、JKT48と共演)。








台湾 外務省依頼 国際文化事業 歌手・小林幸子氏と舞台共演。



岐阜県中津川市・歌舞伎舞台「常盤座」名誉館長 就任


日本相撲協会ドキュメンタリー映画 和太鼓担当 ベネチア国際映画祭 出展



第76回国民体育大会 応援大使就任


東京2020オリンピック 聖火ランナー 完走

第33回全国健康福祉祭ぎふ大会 ねんりんピック岐阜




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